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5 Ways To Get Ready For Summer!!

Posted on May 18, 2011 at 5:18 PM
5 Simple Ways To Get Ready For Summer!!
By Brooke Holloman
Owner, Chrome Personal Training Centre
1.  Drink More Water:  Back in the day we were all told to drink 8 oz of water, 8 times per/day.  That is simply NOT enough.  The bigger you are the more water you need to drink.  A minimum of 100 oz per/day is essential.  What people don’t realize is that water is the BEST fat loss tool there is!! Drinking water has many benefits.  Drinking water:  Reduces hunger, helps the body digest properly, reduces or eliminates headaches due to dehydration (more common than you might think),  increases concentration and effective thought processes, regulates body temperature increasing overall energy, lubricates joints, aides is muscle recovery after exercise, keeps you from getting sick as often because it flushes out toxins, and many other reasons.  Basically any problem you may have can be helped by increasing your water intake. 
2.  Eat Better:  Most people eat two or three times per/day and the majority of their calorie intake is at night after work.  This is NOT good!! It is imperative that you wake up, eat breakfast, then eat every couple of hours throughout the day.  In order to maintain your blood sugar and energy/ metabolism you must fuel your body with food consistently through the entire day.  Eat well rounded meals (complex carbohydrates, protein, and veggies) for your first four meals, then the last meal of the day should consist of protein and vegetables only.  Eating less carbs at the end of your day will help keep your body from storing them as fat.  Carbs are fuel.  That’s why they are important during the day when you are active.  
3.  Do Pushups:  This is one of the best overall body exercises.  If done correctly, pushups work your entire body.  Your pecs, triceps, biceps, back, quads, glutes, and most importantly your abs will be on FIRE if you  “push” yourself.  There are also many variations of pushups that you can do to work specific muscle groups more efficiently.  Try decline pushups (feet on a chair, stairs, or a bench), or incline pushups (with hands on a bench or bar).  Try a plyometric pushup to add a little intensity to your pushups (as you push off the ground, power up so your hands come off the ground, then land back in pushup position with elbows at 90 degrees… These are killer if you do multiple repetitions).  Do three or four sets per/day to FAILURE!!  DON’T stop when it starts burning. Push through the burn until you can’t push any more…
4.  Do Isometric Holds:  These are muscle-building exercises involving muscular contractions against resistance without movement (the muscles contract but the length of the muscle does not change).  In other words, contract the muscle and hold it.  The easiest isometric exercises to do at home without weights are squats, wall sits, and pushup position.  Go into squat position and hold (with good form) for as long as you can.  Go into pushup position, bend your arms to 90 degrees and hold.  Sit against a wall with your back flat, heels directly under your knees, and hold…. These are good, “building/toning” exercises that you can do randomly throughout the day wherever you might be.  It is important to hold the position for as long as you possible can…
5.  Have More Sex!!:  It is proven that sex burns off a minimum of 300 calories per hour.  The harder you go the more calories you burn, the better shape you’re in!! It’s a win win situation.  It can increase your muscle endurance AND your cardiovascular endurance.  Sex not only has many physical benefits, but psychological benefits, as well. Sex decreases stress levels, boosts immunity, increases confidence, reduces headaches, back pain, and joint pain, AND it helps you sleep better. 
These are all very simple, quick ways to start changing your body.  Lake season is coming up fast (FINALLY!!!)…. Don’t procrastinate.  Get on it NOW!!!

Categories: Exercises, General, Muscle Gain, Nutrition, Workouts

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9:24 AM on September 27, 2012 
This content is really awesome and useful for the human beings. I think that it will be more helpful for us all. This content contains a good info about the 5 ways to get ready for summer. Getting I feel that I am so benefited. Thanks....
Reply Harlan Wines
9:05 AM on November 11, 2012 
Good blog it is! There are lots of tips are given in this blog which is really effective to live well. So I will these tips in my real life as well. Thanks
Reply Six pack abs for men
9:05 AM on December 4, 2012 
Fabulous post! After reading this article I am totally impressed to know the content. You really gave huge information in this post to ready for the summer’s wish your tips will help me. Thanks. And carry on.
Reply Amelia Gibson
3:46 AM on June 26, 2021 
It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks